-YASMINE- is a women's Couture/Ready-To-Wear fashion label based in Cairo, Egypt.

The -YASMINE- imaginary stems from Founder and Creative Director Yasmine El Said's distinct style. French born and Egyptian bred, Yasmine lived in Paris for three years studying nouvelle couture style and pattern drafting at ESMOD University. During that time, she trained at some of the most respected Parisian fashion houses including Balmain Paris and Christophe Joss Haute Couture.

After graduating in 2011, she went back to the drawing board and began sketching what would become her first official collection. Her eye for detail, fixation on opposing elements and love of luxurious fabrics are what make the -YASMINE- brand entirely original, and her pieces a wardrobe staple for the daring, modern-day woman.

At the heart of all the collections is a contrasting mélange of edginess and sophistication, light and dark, structure and fluidity. All -YASMINE- creations incorporate intricate, hand-executed detailing and bold, flattering silhouettes with the highest quality fabrics to produce one-of-a-kind garments.

A confident, ambitious and fearless urbanite, the -YASMINE- woman wears elegance with an attitude wherever she goes. Whether it's an extravagant cocktail dress or tight leather pants, her style is nonconformist and unapologetic.

The -YASMINE- collections are currently available for sale only in Cairo, with the goal to one day expand across the region and internationally.